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Prices mentioned in the video may be different at the time of checkout based on promotions and/or product price changes.  Please refer to the price chart on this page AND the checkout process for current pricing!

eMulin is available in 2 versions.
eMulin C is ideal for people with blood sugar challenges and eMulin M is for everyone else.

Product Pack Options

* NOTE: The prices listed above are in USD and include the $20 one-time fee to activate your representative account. Shipping, handling, and any applicable tax will vary based on location and will be determined in the checkout process. The 16 and 36 packs are your 1st step in building your Foundation Team and are great for people wanting more products to launch their business.

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*This is a financial opportunity and the amount of income that can be earned will depend on level of desire, consistent work done by the independent representative, and results of that work. If you are considering this option, please note this is not a job, it does not pay hourly, and is not a guarantee of income, and is not a lottery ticket or "get rich quick" plan - this is a results based business.

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